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Timothy John MacLean #42

(May 1, 1963–October 28, 1982)


Tim played the game of life with a loyal intensity and a heart full of love and compassion for all who crossed his path. He had a bounce in his step and a sparkle in his eyes that brightened our spirits. His childlike faith kept aninnocence alive bridging Heaven and Earth.



General Manager in Heaven:

Thomas W. Chisholm, Sr. (Dad)


To my husband, Jack, my love, thank you for your peaceful heart that guides our family, your devotion to Mother Mary,

and your amazing faith in God and in me. I thank you for the miraculous gifts of Tommy, Johnny, and Patrick,

whose love and laughter inspire my soul. I’m proud to be your mom.

Thank you all for believing in me, art-directing me, and for living the dream.


To my Mom and Dad (Tom and Carol Chisholm), and their eternal love, whom

I love with all my heart.

Dad, thanks for outfitting the

entire neighborhood with jerseys and sports equipment. You made the backyard

a “field of dreams.”

Mom, you let us make forts in the family room and had an endless supply of Popsicles, chocolate chip cookies, and lemonade ready.

As Tim would say, “Mrs. Chis, Mrs. Chis, Mrs. Chis, we got a thing going on"...

 He loved you dearly.


To my beautiful, cool sister, Donna,

or as Tim would say, “Sweet baby,”

thank you for showing me how to dress, roller-skate, and dance. You’re my idol. you make Heaven brighter, stylish, loving



To my big brother, Tommy, Tim’s friend and Brother Rice teammate, thanks for letting your little sister play too!

You’re my Chisholm all-star!


To my little brother, Patrick (Lisa),

I loved going through school with you

by my side.

Tim always bragged about your golf game

(1987 Michigan Amateur Champ).


To my cousin-sister, Heather (Kevin),

so proud of you. As kids,

you all made my childhood

“Heaven on Earth.”


To all my nieces and nephews:

Claire, Julia, Tommy, Kristy, Bryan, Lily,

Devin, Kelsey, Marty, Kara,

Michael, Brenan,

Jack, Kate,

Hartley, Will, Margaret,

and god-daughter Meghan,

I’m praying for Angels to watch over you.


To my Aunt Pat Palmer, Jenny

and Mark:

love you!


To the LeDuc Family, Tim loved you

and I do too!


To my in-laws, Carol and Jack, thank you for the blessing of your son.


To Michelle Bjerser Kelly, Molly Lutz Schwartz, Chris Schwartz, Chris Hewlett, Hope Sovran, Marti Keep,

Kathy Bazil Paul, Cindy Cappas Sommerville,

you light up my life!


To Tim’s twin Tom #72 (BFO), may you always feel Tim’s loving hand

on your shoulder.


To Mr. and Mrs. MacLean and family,

thank you for sharing Tim with me.

Your great faith and hope

have inspired many.


To Carroll Marie and the Mueller family, Graeter’s ice cream forever. To Rick Mercer, thanks for the

pinch-hit home run!


To my publisher, Marian Nelson and my editor Kris Yankee, thank you for simplifying the book and

giving Timothy wings.


To all my friends for your kindness, encouragement, and prayers, love you!


To the Beckley family, and all my friends who have loved and lost,

may you feel God’s grace and peace in knowing we will all be together in Heaven someday.



Sports Editor in Heaven:

Harry F. LeDuc (Papa)


Coaches in Heaven:

C. Harry Chisholm (Pop), Larry MacLean (Tim's Dad) Danny Curran, Jerry Coyne, Terry Barr, Dr. Gil Bazil, Carl Lucas, Chet Kochanski, Jimmy McInerney, Tom Miner, Terry Nagle, Ray Nagle, Dr. Peter Palmer, Terry Roberts, Jack Verdi, Carver Wood, Tom Hall, Martin McInerney, Robert Buchanan, Richard Koehler, John Mullen, J. P. McCarthy (Great voice of the Great Lakes), Pat Parks, Ed Girardot Sr., Ed Girardot Jr., Coach Rick Forzano Sr.


Cheerleaders in Heaven:

Kathleen L. Chisholm (Gram), Alyce LeDuc (Nonnie), Mary Jo Nagle Banyai, Mary Nolan, Jane Feely, Sally Feely, Judy Schwartz, Gram Koehler, Jacqueline C. Solner, Joan Karakuc, Cathy Coyne, Gloria Navin, Mary Cischke, Marcella McInerney, Whitney DiCarlo, Jane Girardot, Louis Girardot, Rita Winter, Rosemary Kelly,

Mary O'Shea MacLean (Tim's Mom)

Kathleen Smith


Starting Lineup in Heaven:

Jude Calley #7, Allie Cibulas #7, Lucas Swiecicki #3, Myles Beckley #5, Timmy Vachon #28, Tim MacLean #42, Peter MacLean, Joanne LeDuc, David Dorais, Joanne Krause, Carol Buchanan, Joe Warner, Tommy Hehs, Jim Wilhelm, Tim Girardot, Tommy Hall, Mike Sennett, Veronica Flood, Theresa Duncan, Dr. Tom Pappert, Brian Zatkoff, Tommy Temmerman, Brian Smith, Michael Hunt, Rose Mary Di Tommaso, Kurt Leto, Cheryl Connell, Michael Pethrick, Ryan Holt, Jeremy Lake, Anthony Conti, Rick Doyle, Scott Porter, Randal Secondino, Tod Hugus, Madeleine Wike, Peter Catcho, Hartley McInerney, Jimmy (TOOTE) Hall, Kathy Hall, Louise Hall, John Kelly


Field Crew in Heaven:

Ster Gordon, Jack Gillespie, Mark Jung, Jerry Jung, Russ Linabury.

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